Religious Issues

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Another Side of 1984 [1983]AbstractPDF file
Archbishop's Commission on Urban Priority Areas: A Working Note [1983]AbstractPDF file
Beyond a Radical Theology [1981]AbstractPDF file
Bridging the Gap: Connecting Individual Psychology and the Behaviour of Social Systems [1989]AbstractPDF file
Echoes of Vancouver [1983]AbstractPDF file
Functional Religion as a Social Defence Mechanism [1980]AbstractPDF file
Glastonbury Symbolism [1984]AbstractPDF file
The Jewish Repression [1982]AbstractPDF file
Life of the World? [1983]AbstractPDF file
The Matrix of Christianity [1982]AbstractPDF file
The Matrix of Religion [1981]AbstractPDF file
A Meditation on Power [1980]AbstractPDF file
The Myth of God [1982]AbstractPDF file
Of Priesthood and Primal Regression [1984]AbstractPDF file
The Process of Evangelism [1980]AbstractPDF file
Projection and Regression in Urban Theology [1984]AbstractPDF file

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