Studies In Global Dynamics

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Address to the Club of Rome, October 2005 [2007]AbstractPDF file
Beneath the Third Wave [1990]AbstractPDF file
Beyond the Tipping Point [2006]AbstractPDF file
Brundtland and Beyond .. Towards a Global Process [1987]AbstractPDF file
Climate Sensitivity: A Whole Earth Approach [2007]AbstractPDF file
Climate Stabilisation [2007]AbstractPDF file
The Dynamics of Counselling and Peace [1990]AbstractPDF file
Dynamics of Development and Communication [1980]AbstractPDF file
The Dynamics of Disarmament [1982]AbstractPDF file
European Symbolism [1980]AbstractPDF file
The Feedback Crisis in Climate Change [2005]AbstractPDF file
Feedback Dynamics and the Acceleration of Climate Change [2007]AbstractPDF file
Feedback Model [2006]AbstractPDF file
Feedback Project [2006]AbstractPDF file
Global Warning [2005]AbstractPDF file
Of Clarity and Climate Change [2006]AbstractPDF file
North/South Reflections [1980]AbstractPDF file
Open Letter on World Dynamics [2002]AbstractPDF file
"Open Letter on World Dynamics" Some Reflections on an Intervention [2004]AbstractPDF file
Response to Dr. Malte Meinshausen [2006]AbstractPDF file
Political Corruption of the IPCC Report? [2007]AbstractPDF file
Social Analysis and the Falklands Affair [1982]AbstractPDF file

The South Africa Collection:

AbstractPDF file
No. 1: Reflections on the South African Situation [1987]AbstractPDF file
No. 2: Kairos in Question [1987]AbstractPDF file
No. 3: Response to 'Black and Gold' by Anthony Sampson [1987]AbstractPDF file
No. 4: Response to 'Black and Reformed' by Allan Boesak [1987]AbstractPDF file
No. 5: Response to 'Poor Man, Rich Man' by Peter Lee [1987]AbstractPDF file
No. 6: Response to 'South Africa Without Apartheid' by Heribert Adam and Kogila Moodley [1987] AbstractPDF file
Systems Analysis and the Roots of Poverty [1990]AbstractPDF file
TOES (1986) Conference: Some Basic Notes [1986]AbstractPDF file

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