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David Wasdell -

Bio Note

Since 2007Director, Apollo-Gaia Project
Since 1987International Coordinator, Meridian Programme (formerly the Manhattan Project of the Behavioural Sciences)
Since 2008Leader, Workpackage 4 of the Global System Dynamics and Policy Co-ordination Action of the European Commission
Since 1987Designer/Director of series of Group Relations events in Finland, Germany, Switzerland, Israel, South Africa, Philippines, Australia and the USA, as well as at various venues in the UK.
Since 1981Founder and Director of Unit for Research into Changing Institutions. Registered Educational Research Trust, UK Charity Reg. No.284542
Ongoing:Climate Change, in particular the all-too-real possibility that the whole earth system is being triggered by anthropogenic greenhouse gas emissions into positive feedback and consequent accelerated runaway global heating.
Ongoing:Consultancy-research with a range of organisations and institutions undergoing rapid change in a context of low resource and high stress.
Ongoing:Supervision, mentoring and training with organizational consultants, managers and psychotherapists.
Ongoing:Psychotherapeutic practice (analytic/integrative) with individuals presenting in life-crisis.
1974 - 1981Founder and Director of Urban Church Project (operational and psychodynamic research with religious organisations, sponsored by UK churches).
1972 - 1984Co-opted member of research group of Archbishop's Council on Evangelism.

Selected Presentations, Events and Publications

Papers and Presentations gives a complete list of all papers and articles produced, grouped by subject, with abstracts and links to full text. This can also be accessed by the 'Resources' button in the Meridian Task Bar.
A full list of titles in date order, indicating subject sections but without hyperlinks is also available.
2019 June Meridian Midsummer Matrix
2019 Apr Circulation of paper "Breaking the Brexit log-jam" to all Members of Parliament
2019 Feb Workshop for Extinction Rebellion "Shadows of Extinction"
2017 Oct Humanistic Psychology Conference and Humanistic Psychology Book launch. D.Wasdell chapter "Frontiers of a Pardigm Shift: Transforming Humanistic Psychology for Tomorrow's World"
2017 Aug One-day Seminar/workshop at Meridian House
2017 Mar Video presentation to the Arcosanti Community in Phoenix "A Matter of Great Sensitivity"
2015 Dec Series of presentations and interviews broadcast on Cambridge TV "Après Paris - Exploring the Shadow of COP21"
2015 Nov Interview with Alex Smith of Radio Ecoshock in Canada
2015 Sept Climate Dynamics: Facing the Harsh Realities of Now - see
2014 Oct "Beyond the Summit" Sensitivity, Target Temperature & the Carbon Budget - see
2014 July Workshop on Catalysis of a Global Phase-Change in Human Behaviour
2014 Mar Presentation to the Climate Challenge Conference, Birmingham UK
2014 Feb Basis for a Carbon Budget? A Critical Evaluation of the Summary for Policymakers of the IPCC AR5 WG1 - see
2013 Nov Presentation to the International Centre for Earth Simulation
2013 Sep Kenynote Presentation to the Club of Rome "Sensitivity, Non-Linearity & Self-Amplification in the Global Climate System" see
2013 Apr Arctic Dynamics - 2-part video presentation - see
2012 Sep Presentation on Feedback Dynamics and Sensitivity to Twycross Zoo
2012 July Presentation on 'Feedback Dynamics, Sensitivity and Runaway Conditions in the Global Climate System' to 4th Global Conference on Global Warming, Istanbul
2012 Apr Presentation to Tomorrow's Global Company conference 'The Future We Want - 2050' on Climate Sensitivity
2011 Dec Partial Facilitation of Rights and Humanity Conference in Liverpool
2011 Nov Presentation to International Centre for Earth Simulation workshop in Geneva
2011 Sep Presentation 'Setting the Scene' to the Rights and Humanity Conference, Liverpool. Presentation also on 'Cellular Growth' to the Rights and Humanity Conference
2011 July Presentation on 'Climate Sensitivity: Amplification of the Anthropogenic Disturbance of the Climate System' to 3rd Global Conference on Global Warming, Lisbon
2011 May Keynote speaker to the Disaster Prevention and Reduction, and Post-Disaster Reconstruction Conference in Deyang, China
2011 Mar Briefing and Workshop to Centre for Sustainable Environment Management on the Dynamics of Climate Change
2011 Jan Publication of 'The Dynamics of Climate Change: A Case Study in Organisational Learning' in 'The Learning Organisation', Volume 18, Issue 1
2010 Dec Presentation on Climate Sensitivity at House of Commons private function
2010 Dec Radio Interview on Radioshock Canada about the Royal Society publication of the 4 degrees meeting
2010 Oct 'Climate Dynamics in Science and Society' presentation to Department of Land Economy, Cambridge University
2010 Apr 'Feedback Dynamics and the Acceleration of Climate Change' presentation to launch of Transition Towns Lancaster
2010 JanSeminar on 'Climate Change and Social Response' to Complexity Group of the London School of Economics and Political Science
2009 OctPresentation to seminar in the National Oceanography Centre, Southampton on 'Feedback Dynamics and the Acceleration of Climate Change'
2009 Oct Scoping workshop on Runaway Climate Change at Meridian House
2009 JulyCirculated Apollo-Gaia Interim Scientific Report to participants of the World Forum on Enterprise and the Environment in Oxford
2009 JuneGlobal System Dynamics and Policies - Workpackage 4 Detailed Scientific Report of 'Global System Dynamics and Policies: Simulation and Visualisation Technologies' (Seventh Framework Programme Theme 3 of the European Union)
2009 May 'Climate Change Goes Critical: Feedback Dynamics, Tipping Points and the Onset of Runaway Climate Change' to Transition Towns Conference
2009 AprilSeminar for Generation Management, London
2009 MarPresentation to the International Alliance of Research Universities (IARU) Scientific Congress 'Climate Change: Global Risks, Challenges and Decisions' on Feedback Dynamics and Climate Change in the Bella Centre, Copenhagen
2009 FebBriefing paper to the Rights and Humanity Emergency Congress as preparation for the G20 meeting to be held in London later in the year.
2009 JanBriefing paper to the joint meeting of the Club of Rome and Globe International in the Palace of Westminster, as preparation for the secretariat of the G8+5 to be held later in the year.
2008 DecPresentation to the European Climate Forum/Global System Dynamics joint congress in Bilbao, Spain on 'Beyond the Tipping Point? Second and third order feedback dynamics in the close-coupled human/climate global system'.
2008 NovPresentation on Feedback Dynamics and the Acceleration of Climate Change to the International Conference organised by the Club of Rome in Switzerland entitled 'Managing the Interconnected Challenges of Climate Change, Energy Security and Water'.
2008 JulyLaunch of the "Global System Dynamics and Policies: Simulation and Visualisation Technologies" (Seventh Framework Programme Theme 3 of the European Union), London. Apollo-Gaia is a Partner Institute.
2008 JuneTällberg Forum, preceded by the Scientific Workshop "Steering Away from Catastrophic Thresholds: Planetary Boundaries for Human Survival", Tällberg, Sweden
2008 May"Feedback Dynamics and Accelerating Climate Change", NOAH AGM, Oxford
2008 AprWill Howard Memorial Lecture, Feasta, Dublin, Ireland
2008 AprPresentation on "Global System Dynamics: Towards a Conceptual Overview", at the European Climate Forum Annual Conference, Universidad de Alcala, Madrid, Spain
2008 MarchBriefing on Climate Dynamics to the Global Leaders Academy, London
2008 FebBreakfast briefing on "Accelerated Global Warming" to the Tomorrow's Global Company, London
2008 Jan/FebSpeaker on "Feedback Dynamics in Climate Change" at II Jornada sobre riesgos naturals, Santiago de Compostela, Spain
2007 NovLaunch of the Apollo-Gaia project web-site at, containing the Background and Development of the Project, and links to pages containing access to part of 'Planet Earth We Have A Problem'.
2007 NovLaunch of 'Planet Earth We Have A Problem' in Committee Room of the House of Commons.
2007 NovMajor presentation to 'The Sky's The Limit' conference and launch of 'Planet Earth We Have A Problem' [the publication of the Westminster Briefing held in June and published jointly by the All Party Parliamentary Climate Change Group]. Following the presentation, several interviews including one for a documentary being produced by Estonian TV. Also interview on Sky TV lunchtime news.
2007 SeptSpeaker at Club of Rome, Annual Conference, Madrid.
2007 SeptSpeaker at Sustainable Cities Conference, Madrid
2007 SeptSpeaker at 'Climate Change: What Next?' Conference
2007 JuneWestminster Presentation on Climate Feedback Dynamics, hosted by the All-Party Parliamentary Group on Climate Change, to coincide with the G8 Summit in Heiligendamm.
2007 MayClimate Stabilisation paper to EFRA Select Committee of the UK House of Commons.
2007 Mar.Feedback Dynamics: Climate Science Update, for Al Gore training event.
2007 Feb.Analysis of political oppression of the IPCC text.
2006 Dec.Participation in briefing seminar for Faculty of the Prince of Wales' Business and Environment Programme.
2006 Sept.Aurelio Peccei lecture to the European Chapter of the Club of Rome, including a revised outline of the "Apollo-Gaia" project
2006 Sept.Brief outline of "Beyond the Tipping Point" together with the first outline of the "Apollo-Gaia Project" to the Washington Summit on Climate Stabilisation, Washington DC. Presentations on "Beyond the Tipping Point" and "Apollo-Gaia Project" to the Arlington Institute in Arlington, Virginia.
2006 Aug.Presentation of "Beyond the Tipping Point" to seminar for Director and Staff of Potsdam Institute for Climate Impact Research.
2006 July"Beyond the Tipping Point: Towards the Anthropocene Extinction Event". Paper delivered on Positive Feedback and the Acceleration of Climate Change to The Foundation for the Future, Humanity 3000 Workshop, Seattle, April 2006, updated and revised and presented to the Campaign Against Climate Change, June 2006, and the UBS Seminar on land usage, July 2006. It outlines the choice between continuing the current path towards catastrophe, or introducing powerful negative feedback processes able to halt the runaway climate change and return the planet to a state of equilibrium.
2006 JuneJoint Rapporteur to the Sustainability and the Science of Complexity Workshop: "Multi-disciplinary Methods and Modelling for Impact Assessing interlinked challenges", Co-organised by the Sec Gen, INFSO-FETs and RTD-NEST of the European Union.
2006 Feb.Presentation to the Scientific Committee of the European Environment Agency on "The Feedback Crisis in Climate Change", followed by meetings with the Director, Jaquie McGlade, and her staff.
2005 Nov."The Feedback Crisis in Climate Change" highlights the all-too-real possibility of runaway climate change, driven by the naturally occurring positive feedback loops of the biosphere. It raises issues of the most fundamental and urgent nature for the world community and calls in question the effectiveness of current strategic responses to global warming.
2005 Oct.Brief address to Annual Conference of the Club of Rome (attended by invitation of the President)
2005 June"Global Warning", was written, presented, published and widely disseminated, in the weeks leading up to the G8 summit in July 2005. It stands as an alert to all global citizens independently of that event.
2004 June"Working in the Shadow of the Future: the Psychodynamics of the World Health Organisation", presented at the 2004 Symposium of the International Society for the Psychoanalytic Study of Organizations (ISPSO), Coesfeld, Germany
2003 Nov.Facilitator/Consultant: World Health Organisation,  Third Global Meeting of Country  Representatives, Liaison Officers, and the Regional and Headquarters Management Teams, Geneva
2003 Sept."Roots of the Common Unconscious: Towards A New Paradigm of Psycho-Social Analysis", presented to the 14th Scientific Meeting of the A.K. Rice Institute, Boston.
2003 July"Global Transformation?", a dialogical response to Ervin Laszlo's "Macroshift", the official report of the Club of Budapest.
2003 June"Psychodynamics of War and Religion: Part II, Dynamics" presented to 26th Annual Convention of the International Psychohistorical Association, New York.
2002 Dec.Open Letter on "World Dynamics" submitted to Kofi Annan et al.
2002 Sept."Prenatal Experience as the Ground of Group and Social Process", presented to 15th World Congress of ISPPM (International Society for Pre and Peri-natal Psychology and Medicine), Budapest, Hungary.
2002 June"Psychodynamics of War and Religion: Part I, Analysis", presented to 25th Annual Convention of the International Psychohistorical Association, New York (received Roger Lorenz award for best presentation).  Repeated presentation by special invitation to conference of European Association for Psychohistory, held July 2002, in Vichy, France.
2000 JuneConvenor and chair of Meridian 2000 Congress "The Civilization of Birth" in London, UK. Presentations on "Roots of the Common Unconscious", "Psychodynamics of War and Religion", "Economics and the Environment: the Psychodynamics of the New Millennium".
1999 Nov.Consultancy with WHO Aids Local Responses team, Geneva, Switzerland.
1998 Sept.Convenor and Co-chair of 13th World Congress of the ISPPM, London, UK.
1997 May"T-Groups: The Tavistock Leicester Experience", Self & Society, Volume 25, No.2, May 1997.
1996 Sept."Change, Complexity and Organisational Learning", lead article commissioned for publication by the UK Government agency ACAS (the Advisory, Conciliation and Arbitration Service).
1995 Oct.Designer and co-chair of sector on Conference as Learning System, 10th World Conference of IODA, (International Organisation Development Association), Eilat, Israel.
1995 JulyConducted Master-class for Tavistock Institute and South Bank University on "The Consulting Organisation as an Advanced Learning System". Published in Neumann, J.E., Kellner, K. and Dawson-Shepherd, A. (eds.) (1997) "Developing Organisational Consultancy". Routledge.
1995 May"Pre and Peri-natal Psychology, Psychoanalysis and the Dynamics of Social Systems", presented to 12th World Congress of ISPPM, Heidelberg, Germany.
1994 Jan."Mary", psychodynamic case study of an abortion-survivor, published in Häsing, H. and Janus, L. (eds.) (1994) "Ungewollte Kinder", Rowohlt, Hamburg.
1993 Jan.Organisational Learning seminar for staff of WHO in Geneva.
1992 Dec."Learning Systems and the management of Change", presented to 7th World Congress of IODA at Warwick University. Published in IODA Journal, Vol.1, No.1.
1992 May"Psychodynamics of Capitalism and the Free Market Economy", presented to 11th World Congress of ISPPM, Krakow, Poland.
1991 June"Pre and perinatal roots of Religion and War", presented to conference of German Chapter of ISPPM, Heidelberg, Germany. Published as "Die pränatalen und perinatalen Wurzeln von Religion und Krieg", Centaurus, 1993.
1990 June"The Pre and Perinatal Ground of Socio-Political Dynamic", presented to the German Chapter of the ISPPM, Heidelberg, Germany.
1990 March"Systems Analysis and the Roots of Poverty", a response to the Carnegie study, "Uprooting Poverty: The South African Challenge" by Francis Wilson and Mamphela Ramphele.
1989 June"Bridging the Gap: Connecting Individual Psychology and the Behaviour of Social Systems" - The Frank Lake Memorial Lecture presented to the Clinical Theology Association, published as "Individual Psychology and the Behaviour of Social Systems", Lingdale Paper No.13, 1990.
1988 Nov. Process designer and keynote presenter, South-East Asian Organisation Development Congress, Manila, Philippines.
1988 Sept - Nov.Lecturing, workshops and consulting appointments in the State Capital cities of Australia.
1987 Sept.Keynote presenter to 7th World Organisation Development Congress, and Inaugural congress of "Manhattan Project of the Behavioural Sciences", convened in the USSR.
1987 July"Brundtland and Beyond... Towards a Global Process", analytic critique of "Our Common Future", the report of the World Commission on Environment and Development.
1987 MayIntensive consultancy with "underground" organisations during military state of emergency before overthrow of Apartheid, South Africa. Series of preparatory papers assembled as "The South Africa Collection".
1985 July"Primal Roots of Social Process", presented to Congress of PPPANA (Pre and Perinatal Psychology Association of North America), San Diego, California, USA.
1984 July"Transforming Social Crisis", keynote presentation to 7th Congress of the European Association for Humanistic Psychology.
1983 Sept."Foundations of Psycho-social Analysis", published in Energy and Character, Vol. 14, No. 2.
1982 Sept."Religious Experience and Early Imprinting", presented at the First International Conference of the European College for the Study of Consciousness, Göttingen, Germany. Published as "Religiöse Erfahrung und frühe Prägung", in "Welten des Bewusstseins, Band 4", VWB, Berlin.
1979 - 1982Series of major papers on Klein, Freud, Winnicott, Grof, et al.
1979 June"Long Range Planning and the Church", published in the International Journal "Long Range Planning", Vol.13, No.3, June 1980.
1979 March "The Boundaries of Group Dynamics", critique of contribution of W.G. Lawrence in "Exploring Individual and Organizational Boundaries", delivered to the consultancy training group of the Tavistock Leicester Conference.
1979 March"Towards a Unified Field Theory of Human Behaviour", presented to the consultancy training group of the Tavistock Leicester Conference.
1977 July"The Evolution of Missionary Congregations", published in the International Review of Mission (WCC), October 1977.
1975 Nov."Survival of Mission", presented to both Archbishops and full membership of the General Synod of the Church of England, at the Annual General Meeting of ACE (the Archbishop's Council on Evangelism).
1975 Oct."Divide and Conquer" (report of operational and dynamic research on the application of replicating cellular structures to religious congregations), delivered to General Synod of the Church of England.
1974 Nov."Let my People Grow" (report of operational research identifying self-limiting structure of religious congregations), delivered to General Synod of the Church of England.

Personal, Educational and Training background

Born in 1942, David has spent most of his working life in the multi-cultural and rapidly changing setting of the East End of London.
Married to Evelyn, his long-term working partner, in September 1995.  He has two grown-up children from his previous marriage.
Interests include hill-walking, photography, music, house-restoration, gardening, sport and keep-fit.
Lifelong commitment to education, personal development, professional training, gaining IT and presentation skills.
1973, 1975, 1979Tavistock Institute "Leicester" conferences, with consultancy training group in April 1979.
1969 - 1976Ordination (Church of England) and appointments in Eastbourne and Dagenham. Started research in Church Dynamics.
1965 - 1969Clifton Theological College, Bristol.  BD London University (external). General ordination examinations. Introduction to non-directive group work.  Course in psychotherapy with Departments of Theology and Mental Health, Bristol University.
1964 - 1965Sheffield, "Gap" year working at shop-floor level in the steel stores of Laycock Engineering. Married to Margaret.
1961 - 1964Grey College, Durham University.  BSc. in mathematics and physics (first division and university prize)
1953 - 1961Reigate Grammar School.  8 "O" levels, 4 "A" levels (2 at "S" level). School prizes in physics, theology, woodwork, best all-rounder. Vice captain of school, house captain for two years, youngest ever cadet-under-officer in CCF. Open swimming champion, represented school in rugby, cricket, swimming and athletics, awarded Victor Ludorum cup for best all-round athlete.  Clarinettist in orchestra, chamber group and solo performance. Baritone soloist with school choir.  Stage manager for school play.
1951 - 1953Reigate St. Mary's Preparatory School.  Natural History prize (2 consecutive years), founded school natural history club, recorder soloist, placed fifth in Borough in 11+ examinations, one year ahead of usual age.