Response to Dr. Malte Meinshausen's paper:

<2oC Trajectories - A Brief Background Note


Dr. Maeinshausen's work is currently being used as a foundation for the European response to climate change.

The task faced by the global community is now the avoidance of catastrophic climate change, let alone dangerous climate change. Meinshausen severs the relationship between the goal of relating to the fundamental realities of the global climate and what he describes as "policy-goals" - determined by political, economic and other vested interests - without recourse to the fundamental science. Even within the terms of reference of the attempt to achieve "policy-goals" Meinshausen's approach is fatally flawed. The realistic problems we face in the mitigation of dangerous and catastrophic climate change are far too important to allow this kind of work to be used as a basis for policy formulation and strategic action, whether at national, European, G8 or global levels.