Roots of the Common Unconscious


Evolution has provided us with common, species-specific and species-wide points of hyper-stress in the pre and perinatal process of individual development, together with the ability to imprint and store the experiences. The extraordinary evolution of the third brain has also provided us with the capacity to re-member, symbolise, verbalise and act out these common early traumata in our common social process. As a result we find ourselves equipped with unique psychological abilities yet also hampered by unique psychotic disabilities. It is to the foundations of our species-specific pathology that this paper is addressed. It was originally entitled ‘The Pre and Perinatal Ground of Socio-Political Dynamic’ and was formally delivered in Heidelberg on 15th June 1990 as the keynote presentation to a conference of the German-speaking section of the International Society for Pre and Perinatal Psychology and Medicine. The text is illustrated by key visuals reproduced from the original twin-screen presentation.