Support Meridian

"Together we can change the world"

Just as a mighty river starts life as myriads of tiny rain-drops, so enabling Global change flows from multiple points of change at the personal and local level. You can be part of that process. Every droplet counts! Supporting the work of the Meridian Programme is one of the most powerful ways you can help. Here are a few practical steps you can take to make a difference to our world:

1. Register as an Associate of the Meridian Programme

  • Exploring the many ways you can take part in its work
  • Joining one of the support and learning cells of the growing Metanet
  • Developing and using all your skills in the task of Global change
  • Making regular contributions to its funds.

2. Make a one-off Donation to the Meridian Programme

  • Supporting the Metanet and driving Global change cost money
  • If you cannot commit yourself to being an Associate, then please at the very least make a donation before you leave the Meridian web-site
  • Every little helps, but be realistic: how much can you possibly afford in the light of your own personal circumstances and the importance of the task we face together?

3. Tell others about the work of the Meridian Programme

  • Talk to friends, neighbours, colleagues and get them involved
  • Send e-mails about Meridian to everyone you know who might be interested
  • Include hyperlinks to or to special points on the site in each e-mail you send
Thank you for your support of the Meridian Programme, for becoming part of the movement for Global change, for committing your resources to help make a difference where it matters most. Please stay in touch, and remember:

"Together we can change the world"