Become an Associate of the Meridian Programme!

As an Associate you will know yourself to be part of an active and growing international community passionately committed to transforming the behaviours and decision-making processes at every level of our world. Your regular contributions will play a vital part in supporting the work of the Meridian Programme itself, as it seeks to engage effectively with the most critical global agenda.

To enrol as an Associate of the Meridian Programme, please complete the on-line Registration Form. [If you prefer to return your Registration Form by post, click the "Download Registration Form" box.]

I look forward to welcoming you as an Associate of the Meridian Programme and to a long and effective collaboration as we work together on the vital agenda facing our world.

With best wishes

David Wasdell


The Meridian Metanet is being launched in three phases:

  • Establishing the basic structure of the Associate Membership

  • Many Associates will then wish to go on to become active Members of the cellular Metanet itself

  • Those with appropriate skills will be able to contribute to the task as Consultants of the Meridian Programme.

Moving from the stage of research and development into this current phase of deployment and application is costly and slow. During the period of comparatively small numbers, immediate benefits of Association will take time to emerge. Web-based protocols and software resources require major investment of time, money and expertise. Nurturing the first little cells of the network as they tremble into life will take all the skills and patience at our disposal. It is precisely at this stage that we most need your help and support.

(If you need more information, then "Associate Membership" gives you an overview of everything involved. It also refers you to the sections on "Purpose" and "Methodology", while "Origins of the Meridian Programme" introduces you to the background history.)